Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Fabulous at Five

Today the twins are turning five! I can't hardly believe that five years ago today, I was giving birth to two little spit fires! Boy, how are lives have changed. The twins came 7 weeks early and spent the first four weeks in the NICU. They came home on 02-03-04, so we celebrate that day as well, since that is officially when they became 'ours'. I had planned on having their friend party on Saturday, but had to push it back a few weeks. So today we are having their family party, how boring!

This was their 2nd birthday, Noah's Ark, and Aiden is enjoying that cupcake!

Anden in front of the 'Ark'

Enjoying their present together, while watching TV!

I have posted some pictures of them through the years. They really are the best of friends, and have been since birth. We decided early on that we would have them together as much as possible. The first few days in the NICU, they had to be apart, but they would push the incubators together as close as they could. As soon as they put them in the same crib, they improved dramatically! We even have a picture of them sharing the same 'choo-chee' or binkie, one baby had it in their mouth, and the other scooted over and was sucking on the handle. The nurses took that picture for us, and gave it to us the next morning when we came in. They slept in the same crib and bed up until just recently, and sometimes they even still end up together, cuddled up close like they were in my belly.

Two boys in a wagon, Summer 2006

Aiden trying to kiss Anden, and him wiping it off!

They are very similar in alot of ways, but each has their own unique personality. Aiden is more emotional or sensitive, but is fast at making friends, especially with the older kids. Anden is more reserved and is a thinker. He is also very obedient. If something has a direct consequence, like not brushing your teeth will cause cavities, and not eating your dinner will make you skinny or skinnier in their case, or eating too much sweets with cause fire to come out of your bum (more on that later, but you do what you can to get your kids to obey, and threatening them with the dirty squirties always seems to work!!) he will follow through like a champ, diligently washing his hands while saying the whole alphabet to make sure all of the germs are off! They both are so sweet and protective of their other siblings, especially Sissa. They do not like it when the other gets in trouble and will even try to negotiate the others punishment.

One of my favorite pictures.

They went through a phase when they wanted to dress different because they were tired of their friends asking who was who, but then they realized that even in different outfits no one can tell them apart, so they gave that up too. Thankfully they have similar likes and dislikes, buying presents is very easy. They both love music, and can carry a tune. Aiden loves airplanes, and Anden is obsessed with the Resurrection. Whenever he or anyone else gets hurts, he simply replies 'don't worry that will be fixed when you're resurrected'. I love that they have a natural love for learning, their questions are well thought out, and they are diligent at learning their letters and numbers, without much prodding on our part.

Aiden 'being attacked' by the ABC's!
Winter 2006

Christmas 2006

They are all boy, they love sports, guns, and anything loud. They both wanted Pogo-sticks for Christmas, and when they first got on they could jump three or four times, and by the next day, we stopped counting. They wanted to learn to ride their bikes without training wheels last summer, but we were too lazy to take them off. We keep telling them to wait until spring!

I will be able to blackmail Aiden with this photo later in life!

Their 'Car's' 3rd Birthday! 2007

I could go on and on, but I am sure the only one reading this now is my Mom, so I will stop all the gushing, but I am so thankful that the Lord blessed me with Aiden and Anden. Our lives would truly not be complete without them. Each day I am constantly amazed at how sweet their spirits are, and the innocence of childhood. Stay tuned for the pictures and post about their much anticipated Pirate Pinata Party, until then, maybe I will finally get around to posting about the rest of the holiday season!!

Easter 2007

4th Birthday at the Family Fun Center. 2008

Cuddle Bugs, May 2008

Soccer Studs Fall 2008

Mia, the girl that could end this Twin Twosome!!

There you have it, some of my favorite photo's, or at least my favorite photo's that I have saved on this computer. I wish I had a scanner to scan in some earlier pics!!