Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Hot Dog Anyone?

Meet the latest addition to our household....the little Pumpkin Eater!! Isn't she just down right adorable. She isn't actually ours, but my Mom's little wiener dog, or daschund for those who are more politically correct than I. We get all the fun of having a dog, but not much responsibility. She spends the weekdays down in Yreka with Granny, and comes home on the weekends. The kids just adore her, as you can see in the pictures. It has however caused many fights over who gets her first when Granny comes home, and she is the first thing anyone goes for when they wake up in the morning. Ashy carries her around like a little rag doll, and Adeline just tries not to choke her! She really is so much fun, and the kids love when Granny has to leave her to go out of town, they get 'paid' to babysit pup while she is gone. They love the responsibility, and I love that they are learning to take care of someone else.
I don't know who loves her more, me or the dog!
Just a boy and his dog!

He wanted everyone to see how long this 'hot dog' really is!!