Monday, June 14, 2010

Track and Field Challenge!

The boys had so much fun being involved in this years District wide Track and Field Challenge.  They each selected the events they wanted to do, and then they performed like champs!  Aiden did the Frisbee Throw, Softball Throw, Long Jump, and the 50 yard dash.  Anden did the Frisbee and Softball Throw, as well as the 50 and 200 yard dash.  It was so much fun to see all of their friends out there and to cheer them all on.  Aiden won third place in the Frisbee throw for his age group and Anden won 1st place for the 200 yard dash!  We are so proud of both of our little athlete's.  Way to go!!

Anden doing the softball throw, thanks for wearing one blue sock so I can tell who is who in all of the pics!
Anden running his little heart out to take 1st in the 200 yeard dash!
Aiden finishing his 'big' jump on the long jump!
Aiden running to the finish, during his dash.  The boys decided to wear their soccer shoes because according to them they run super fast in them!!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Dress Up

Ashden came out of our bedroom tonight dressed like this!  I just had to laugh, and then all of the kids wanted in on the fun.  They raided Ryan's freshly cleaned and organized closet for a bunch of his clothes.  I snapped a few pictures that I thought Ryan would enjoy.  You don't realize how big he really is until the boys tried to put on his clothes, it made for a fun night!

All in all we are adjusting quite well to the absence of daddy.  I say that on day two, and still being able to talk a few times a day.  I will have to post again next week, once the reality of his eight months of training has sunk in.  For now, he is on a bus with hundreds of others, headed to South Carolina from Atlanta.  He has already made a friend who is 'old' too, and is headed to Arizona with him after his training in S.C.  I think he was pleasantly surprised at how many over thirty men there were, he won't be the only old guy after all!

As you can see, Adeline preferred to just play dress up with mommy's shoes!


This is how I found Ashden asleep, what you can't see is that under the pants are underwear and socks pulled all the way up his leg.  That boy is going to miss his daddy a ton.