Saturday, June 20, 2009

Why I Love This Man of Mine...

In honor of Father's Day, I thought I should post something about my main man. Ryan doesn't get much blog time, it is mostly about the kids, so here is his little piece of the puzzle.

Ryan is first and foremost a wonderful father and husband. He enjoys being a dad and loves spending time with his children. The boys cherish their 'daddy nights' which consists of watching movies and eating snacks late late at night, after everyone else has gone to bed. He coaches their sports teams, and teaches them all kinds of crazy games he makes up using random household objects and toys. The boys think their dad can walk on water, and that he can do no wrong. He is definitely not the disciplinarian. He is the fun dad, and I am the boring rule abiding mom. I guess that is whats keeps us in balance.

Coach Ryan -2009

Ryan being very inventive in his sled making- 2007

Riding the Bull -2009

Ryan rockin' out with Ashden - 2006

Ready for drug raids - 2007

Ryan is also a wonderful husband. He is very thoughtful. When we first started dating he would buy me flowers and write me little poems. Some were the cheesy I love you stuff, but others were very funny. On my first mothers day, he dressed the twins up really cute and had their pictures taken. The next year he sent me on a shopping spree. The year after that he and the kids made me GIANT homemade cards with hand prints and a cute poem that he made up and took pictures to coincide with the words. This year he took all the kids in the garage and they each painted me a homemade card, and even after five mothers days and me telling him each time that Mommy is spelled M-O-M-M-Y, he still spells it M-O-M-Y, and Daddy D-A-D-Y. Whenever we give each other cards or gifts he always writes, To my wife, love your husband. I think it is the little things that I love about him the most. He has such persistency and never gives up. He is always willing to try new things, and he forever feels like he is 21. I guess that is a good thing considering he is now back in college at age 36. He is a hard worker, and very determined, he isn't easily discouraged, and tries to look at the positive. I love that he doesn't care what other people think, (most of the time), and that he wears socks with his sandals. Every night without fail he has to have a fourth meal, which he justifies by telling me that he never really eats both breakfast and lunch.

Graduation - 2007

Once you get to know him, Ryan is very funny, partly due to his one liners, and partly to the fact that the man is the klutziest person I have ever met. Seriously, he is one giant accident waiting to happen, and the worst part is that he doesn't realize it! Following are the pictures resulting from one of his 'accidents'. He needed to get something on the top shelf in our closet, and thinking that a plastic laundry basket could hold all 240 pounds of him he turned it over and tried to step on top of it. Obviously it did not work and he fell through the basket knocking him and all of the clothes in that basket as well as the other baskets on the floor. I hear this yelling from our closet and I come running in to find this.......

Ryan definately keeps life interesting and entertaining.

Ryan has a soft side too. He doesn't like to admit it, but he is a crier. A quiet crier, but still a crier, especially when it comes to the kids. He cried after reading the blog I did about the twins turning five. He cries when they get really sick, or when Ashden had to have his two surgeries.

I am proud of his commitment to the Lord, and for his decision to be baptized last year. I have seen such a difference in him, and I know that as he continues to rely on the Lord for guidance and strength he will become an even better husband and father. I hope all who are reading this will think of the strengths your own spouse has, and remember that we really are better as one, and that each of us brings something unique to our marriages and families, and I am thankful for the role that Ryan plays in my life.

Baptism Day - 2008

Happy fathers day husband, I sure do love and appreciate all you do for us! . . .

Ashden wanting to be just like Daddy - 2009


kells times four said...

Kari, this post is very sweet and also funny! I laughed at the accideent in the laundry basket! hehe...I will be making more trips to Medford this summer for Collin's modeling, so I should definitely get to see you guys soon!

Autumn said...

What a sweet post and what a wonderful hubby! I love the leg through the laundry basket = ). I have very rarely seen Ryan without a child in his arms, if not two - what a great dad!

SevenVillageIdiarts said...

Very Sweet. . . Ryan is a lot of fun and I'm glad to know him. Ben thinks he's so cool, too. . I do hope he is Ben's coach someday!