Monday, December 21, 2009

Ashland Extravaganza

This parade kicks off our Christmas season each year. It is always the Friday after Thanksgiving, and we haven't missed one since the boys were born! Parking is crazy, it is freezing cold, and the line to see Santa is about an hour long, but in the end, it is so worth it. The parade is super short, I think there were only about 14 entries, but they pass out good candy, they always give away books, Starbucks gives out free hot chocolate down at the plaza, and Santa is good for a few candy canes, so there is plenty of fun to go around. We love it and we hope you will too!

Waiting for the parade to start!

Gingerbread man from The Nutcracker.

(These ladies also did the "Ten Virgins" for our church this past spring)

Cutest Snowmen ever!

The kids thought this guy was so funny, and can't wait to make a snowman so they can put a ton of carrots on his head!!

Jolly Old St. Nick!!!

(This picture is courtesy of the Mail Tribune, but it just shows you the sheer number of people that end up at the plaza to watch the lights turn on in Ashland!)


The Florist said...

Hey Poppy! That looks soo fun! I can't believe we never did it while there. Bummer.

Autumn said...

Yet another gem of an activity that you know about. I should just get the run down before any holiday of all the great things to do. We went to the Central Point party this year, which we had fun at, but that sounds like a fun one too. I will have to keep that in my brain for next year!