Monday, April 12, 2010

Tomorrow Land

Day One
(Adeline was in the stroller)

In order to save my sanity (curse you blogspot, it takes forever to load pics), and to give you an organized walk through of the parks, I will go by lands.  I don't have pictures of everything, because taking pictures just gets in the way of having fun, so I had to take them sparingly!!  OK, actually, I have a ton of pictures of the first few hours we were there, and then, the camera just got in the way!

Tomorrow Land
First ride-Astro Orbitor

Aiden was a little apprehensive and didn't ride with the other boys, but instead met Buzz, and got his autograph.  This is a huge part of our Disneyland experience, buying an autograph book and hunting down the characters!  I meanwhile ran to the 'fastpass' booth, for tickets to Autopia!

This was one of the displays in the long 'holding' area you wind through while waiting to ride Buzz Lightyears Astro Blasters, this was one of the boys most favorite rides in D-land.  One night while my mom and I were with the boys till midnight, (we stayed each night with the twins until closing, while Ryan took the younger two back to the hotel) we rode this about four times in a row, no lines!!!!!

This is an interactive ride, the car turns in all directions while you shoot at Zurg and other targets, so much fun!

Here is Zurg, you can see the square targets, you aim your laser at those and shoot, at the end it shows you your score, and takes your picture, which you can then email to yourself!


Aiden behind the wheel, watch out!!  This was another of the boys favorite rides, we rode this one a few times at night also!

That's Granny with Anden behind the wheel!

Finding Nemo Voyage, with the Matterhorn in the background.  This had one of the longest waits, and there is no fast pass, but we all agreed, it was well worth it!

The boys enjoying their underground voyage!
If you are claustrophobic in any way, you will not enjoy this ride.

This little gem is Space Mountain, and this is me taking a picture of the picture it takes of you riding the ride. As you can see from the picture, the twins are in the front row, and yes that is me holding onto the back of their shirts.  About two seconds after we loaded, I remembered something my friends daughter told me about riding this ride, she said, "I slid so much in my seat that my dad had to hold onto me".  So in a panic, thinking holy you know what, my kids are smaller than her, I better reach over the back of the seat and hold onto them for dear life.  All of the other riders really got a kick out of this picture as we unloaded!  Needless to say Anden rode the whole way with his head tucked down and his eyes closed, and behind me is Ryan with Ashden.  He was in such shock after the ride ended that it took until we unloaded and were walking away for the tears to start.  The other boys just walked in silence.  Maybe we should have saved that ride for a future visit!!

Anden & Aiden with Master Yoda, after riding Star Tours!

So there you have it, Tomorrowland in a nutshell!

Next up, a park favorite, Fantasyland!


Kristi said...

Those last pictures of the twins in the Star wars get-up is so cool. My kids would die to have a picture taken like that. Space mountain is one of my favorites, but I am an adult who likes to get thrown around a bit. I am sure it was stunning to little Ashy.
Seeing all of your pictures convinces me that I need a vacation.

S and C said...

Such a fun vacation. I love seeing the photos- can't wait for more!

Autumn said...

I agree - I loved that picture of the twins as jedi. There has been so much talk of Disneyland my kids can barely wait until summre to go. I love your space mountain pic - better safe than sorry right?

Rob and Amy Weaver Clan said...

I love all those pictures! It brought back memories of our trip there. Buzz was one of our kids' favorites as well. Brenna had a similar experience on Space Mountain- she was in the front row and afterward didn't cry but just stated very adamantly- "Oh, dad, we are NOT doing that again!"
LOVE the Star Wars pictures- that is too cool. And what a great idea to hit the rides at night with no lines!

SevenVillageIdiarts said...

So fun, I'm glad you took the time to upload. I hate that about Blogger, too! I love the last pic, I think Disneyland should use their pic for promotional purposes!