Monday, October 6, 2008

Thanks for the Memories

Yesterday they retired the jersey of the greatest Quarterback of all time, and my favorite player ever, Steve Young, or as we like to call him 'Steverino'. So in honor of #8, here is a recap of my love affair with my Steverino. I have loved the Niners for as long as I can remember, being a West Coast gal born in California, it was just natural to cheer on the city by the bay. The Niners have seen their fair share of ups and downs, and when they are up, they are up, but when they are down, they are down. Who can forget the days of Jerry and Steve, oh the memories, and then came the days of Steve and T.O., what a loser! I don't know how many times I have seen them play at the Stick, or whatever it is they are calling the stadium now, but the routine was always the same. My friend Tee and her family, aka Frankers, had season tickets. Super awesome seats behind the end zone. We would drive down to Camino, and stay with her sister, then wake up early to drive to the city. We always stopped in Vacaville, at the Safeway to buy snacks for the game; sourdough bread, peanut-butter M&M's, water, and some sort of chips. Then we would go to the coffee shop for hot beverages, and bagels. We would arrive at the stadium, and tail gate with all of Tee's Italian relatives, who are crazy Niner fans!! The games were always so much fun, and we were always anxious to see what flavor of the month the guy sitting in front of us would bring to the game. Every game was a different girl. We would secretly compare each one from the other. Maybe we should have shared our thoughts with this poor chappy. He had some random taste in women. Anywho, back to the Niners, and my Steve. Tee and I would take turns using the binoculars to stare at Steverino on the side lines when he wasn't playing, and had his helmet off!! He is truly an all American man. I loved that he wasn't afraid to run with the ball, he was such a dynamic player. He had such presence on the field. Now flash forward to his retirement, we were sad to see him go, but understood his need to get married and start a family. I mean he is Mormon and all, and the tabloids were having a field day with him for years. But his wife, Barbara, (that was hard to write) is so cute, and their three little kids, with one on the way, were perfectly coordinated in their various shades of blue. I would have like to see them in a little Niner Red and Gold, but they looked fabulous, and Steve with his famous smile, made my heart skip a beat.

So for now I will have to settle on being in laws with him, I am betting on a Young/Holley hook up in about 20 years at a little school called BYU. He has a daughter, I have three sons. Adeline might be a little young for the older boys, but maybe the baby in utero is a boy!! So Steverino, thanks for the memories, and here is a shout out to the highest rated QB in NFL history, we love you and your sweet family. And, Frankers, thanks for letting me tag along to all of those football games, those are some of my favorite memories. I am sad that you gave up the tickets, but I understand, maybe when the Niners management pulls their heads out of their you know what, the team will get back on track, but at least we can be grateful for one thing.....the Niners have the hottest Coach ever, Nolan, you are eye candy, and those suits, WOW, you are the greatest thing to grace the sidelines since the Gold Rush cheerleaders.


Cindy and Robert said...

I loved this post! I am also a niners fan for life, however was never lucky enough to go to a game :( . I love reading your blog, thanks!

Kristi said...

Those sound like some fond memories. Was Young just barely retiring or were they retiring his jersey? I have never taken to the sport of football, but there are many who are very passionate about it. I must be missing out.

Christine said...

Wow...has Ryan read this post...I hope he is not feeling any jeolousy right now! I mean I knew you liked the niners...but I never really knew you were having lustful thoughts about them! Anyway...yes...jared remembers the good old days when they were actulaly good too. i have to say i never watched them much but ofcourse i loved Steve back in BYU. And I will have you know that I am practically related to the guy b/c my cousin played football with him at the Y and is his broker and built his home on his property in Provo! Oh...Amy's old in-laws were best friends with the Young family and Steve lived with them for a summer or somthing like that. They have huge blown up pictures of them together all over thier enourmous house! Kinda fun. So i have connections all over the place!

Annie Valentine said...

Come now, we all know why you liked to see him run with the ball.

Next time I head north I'll get a little Rio To Go and drop it by.