Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Choo-Choo This is Who: Ashden Turns Three!!

Monday was our littlest man's Third birthday, and we invited the whole town, OK, maybe not the whole town, but almost 50 people, 32 which were four and under, to help celebrate. We (I mean my Mom!) rented out the Medford Train park, which was a real treat because the park is only open to the public the 2nd and 4th Sundays from 11-3, April thru October, and since our church pretty much takes up the whole day on Sunday, none of us can ever go. I didn't want to be selfish and keep the park all to myself, so I gave an open invite to all who would listen. It was such a fun event. My friend Christine, who's son is Ashden's best bud, was brought to tears from the excitement. The train park is set up like a little miniature town, we went under tunnels and over bridges, we saw 'bears' roasting marshmallows, and squirrels running for cover. The ride is seven miles long, and the track is 1 1/2 miles of continuous track (for all of you train enthusiasts who may be wondering). The train only stopped while the kids quickly inhaled their lunch, and ate cupcakes, and then again while we rushed Ashden through the presents. Other than that, the train was always a runnin'. We even called a couple of Daddies to come and take a ride too!! This was probably one of my favorite birthday parties, the kids had so much fun, and I don't think Ashden moved from his little spot on the train the whole time. Adeline also enjoyed the train, every time we went through the tunnel she would scream with the big kids, and stretch her arms out. Giving me an even bigger reminder that she loves all things boys do, and nothing that girls do. I may need some therapy, where is my sweet little girl that is suppose to love dolls and pink, and only want to be with her Mommy! OK, enough about that, this is Ashden's birthday already! After two hours on the train, the party had to come to an end, so down came the balloons, and off went the paper train placemats, and back to reality. So Happy Birthday Ashden, we sure do love you. Following is a photo recap of the event. Notice that in all the pictures of Ashden, his face is dirty with chocolate. That is our boy, he loves treats, I think he had like three cupcakes, oh well, one for each year!! Thanks to everyone who came, maybe next year we should just rent it out and make it a family affair!

Look at the excitement in his face!!

Ashy, and his best bud Marcus!

All Aboard!!

I don't know who is having more fun, the parents or the kids!!
Going through the tunnel!
Party Time!
Birthday Boy
Yummy, Yummy Cupcakes!!


SevenVillageIdiarts said...

Very cute!! I need to email you all the photos I took. . .do you have shutterfly? I think I'll have Ben's party there in April! Your clan is invited!

Kristi said...

That was seriously the funnest kid party I have ever been to. Yes, I was the adult freak waving and cheering in one of those pictures with adults on the train. I am so glad that you introduced us to the park, but mostly that Ashy had such a super birthday. You sure know how to put on a party.

Cindy and Robert said...

Ok this looks like it has to be the coolest birthday party ever. Ashy may only be three but I am pretty sure he will ALWAYS remember this party! Such a totally neat idea!

Christine said... first things first...I LOVE the new background! Perfect for you and the Fall! That little leelou has some cute stuff. Second-I feel so honored to be mentioned in the was true...I had so much fun I really did start to cry as we went through our first tunnel! Third and most importantly-you take the CAKE for the best party planner around! That really was the best party in the history of parties...and Marcus still talks about it! He especially loved looking at these pictures and seeing him riding the train! SOoooo sooo sooo much fun! Thank you for inviting us all the enjoy in the choo choo fun!

Christine said...

So for those of you who want to see Kari's party planning talents at work you needed to see the invite...I'll have to scan it for you so she can post it but here are the perfectly rhyming and right with the train theme!

All about the Holley Express for Ashden's 3rd Birthday! Mark the date and don't be late, cuase this train is pulling out: Mon Sept 29 @ 11a.m. We'll toot the horn and ride the tracks, and when its all over it'll bring us all back. So pack a lunch, and head on down to the smallest train ride in this 'ole town!

Could it get any cuter? Love it! You really have the touch and are a girl after my own heart...there's nothing that suits me more than a really great rhyme!

Christine said... do you do spell-check on comments...Its supposed to say "All Aboard" ..not all about!

Oh and don't worry about Adeline...give her time and she will be a beauty queen in her prime teenager years...just like you the 14-year old date'll always have one up on Jen for that one! For now just be grateful you don't have a drama queen on your hands!

aaron and allison nadauld said...

Seriously, what a cute birthday party! I loved the train rides! Thanks!

Annie Valentine said...

What a fantastic photo op.

I loved the line you left me about morning breath of fresh air. At first I thought you meant "morning breath" as in not so good smelling. It made me laugh. I think we all agree that I'm not so good with words these days...

Rob and Amy Weaver Clan said...

I am so glad Ashden had such a good brthday. He is looking so big! We will miss that fun train park!