Thursday, December 18, 2008

Happy 60th Granny!

Today is my Mom's 60th birthday, and we are celebrating! I had hoped to scan a bunch of pictures from my Mom's younger years, but just haven't been able to dig all the pictures out. Today is kindof anti-climatic, considering we are celebrating her birthday in January by flying down to LA to eat at my brothers restaurant, all four siblings will be together for the first time in almost five years, what a treat! So today, her only wish was to go sledding with the grandkids! I think we can handle that! She took the day off, and spent all of last night buying the kids new snow clothes, so today we will be on the search for the perfect snow for sledding.

I can't begin to tell you what a joy it has been to have Granny around for the kids. I feel kindof selfish, hogging her all to myself, but hey, if my other siblings want her around, they can move to Oregon too! We are so grateful to never have to get a babysitter, let alone pay for one! Granny is always willing and ready to watch the kids, no matter how short the notice or however long we may stay out! She also spoils my children rotten, she is very thoughtful in her gift giving, and takes alot, and I mean alot of time deciding the perfect gifts. She takes into account their cute little personalities, and knows their likes and dislikes. She has been such a saving grace to us over the past two years financially, she has kept us afloat, clothing my children in the cutest clothes, and providing Halloween costumes, birthday presents, and our entire Christmas! She is truly an amazing Granny. The boys always get so excited when Granny comes home after a few days in Yreka, they always ask 'Granny, did you bring us any surprises?' and Granny always responds 'I brought myself!" Too cute! So here's to a fabulous pre 60th celebration, we will go sledding, eat at Red Lobster (her favorite restaurant), open her dollar store 'treasures' my children picked out for her ie; buff puff, Q-tips, socks, & Kleenex. Remind me to not let my children pick out my presents, what's with all the practical stuff?? And maybe, just maybe, I will get those pictures out and scanned, because let me tell you, she may only be getting Kleenex from my kids on her 60th, but her 50th was a rockin' party in Las Vegas, and I have the pictures to prove it. Lets just say, my Mom got her grove on in a little Piano Bar at the New York, New York Hotel, and danced to the YMCA and Yellow Polka Dot Bikini. I didn't get my spunkiness from my Dad, all those jeans come from my Mom's side of the family! She really is a hoot that lady. We love you Granny, here's to another decade of fun!!

Granny with Adeline at Ryan's Baptism-March 2008

Granny with the twins at the train park, September 2007.

Granny, getting ready for Ashden's 2nd Birthday Party, October 2007.

My Mom and I at a family reunion in Grants Pass, Summer 2000.

Just for laughs, and a taste of things to come! This is me and my brother, I know, I laughed too, so go ahead and let out a big snicker, I seriously laughed so hard when I saw this that I cried! My sisters and I put together a digital photo frame for my Mom, and collectively, each of us has tons of family photos that none of us has seen in almost twenty years, so this has been such a fun trip down memory lane, but so far this is the only one I have downloaded onto my computer!! This will make for some great blackmail for my brother some day!


chris and jen said...

What a fantastic granny, so do you think she could relocate to Utah? Just thought I'd try.


Kristi said...

Your mom is so cute. She has always been so sweet and kind to us. I love when she gets up and leads the music in Relief Society. She knows her stuff and is just cute as can be.
I loved seeing you with your glorious golden locks. The words "Blond Bombshell" come to mind. The one of you as a kid is so great. I love looking at everyone's little kid pictures. Thanks for sharing those, and Happy Birthday Granny/Sister Pratt

Autumn said...

What a cute mom and a cute daughter to make sure her bday doesn't go unnoticed, even if the big celebration is yet to come! How fun that you got your spunk from your mom. I LOVED that younger picture of little Kari - are you glaring at the camera? Happy Birthday to an amazing mom and granny!

SevenVillageIdiarts said...

Happy Birthday Granny! I do love your mom Kari, I knew her long before I knew you and she really is so wonderful. You are very blessed to have her and I'm jealous! She really is the best Grandma ever! xoxox

Christine said...

WEll I am really sorry I missed Granny's Birthday! I knew it was the 19th and then this christmas season has jsut been crazy and I kinda spaced it...but I LOVE YOUR GRANNY SHIRLY! YOu are the cutest, spunkiets, sweetest, funnest, & nicest granny around! WE love you and hope you had a great day sledding with the kids! I really want to see pics of you at your 50th rockin it out at the NY NY! YOu are quite the party animal and ofcourse Kari inherited all those party jeans! I'm sure you will have a fabulous time in L.A. We love you. OH and picture is to die for! I love and your long legs and bright white blonde hair! HOw fun.