Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Happy St. Patty's Day!

So, we love St. Patrick's Day in our household, so much that the boys were all up at 3:00am wondering if the Leprechauns had come yet!  You would have thought it was Christmas, I mean who gets that excited for some gold coin candy, and a green breakfast??  I promptly sent them back to bed, and reminded Anden, that he had a dentist appointment at 7:30, that took the wind out of his sail!

When they woke-up, at a more reasonable hour, this is what they saw!  I made these adorable shirts for the kids, thanks in part to my friend Tee, and to Christine, who helped me out with the sewing machine!  I thought they turned out cute, and now I can mark that off my list....home-made holiday shirts, check!

After a great visit to the dentist (notice Anden with the half smile in all of the pictures), we had green eggs and pancakes, and even green apple juice?  How do the Leprechauns turn all of that green???  Inquiring minds want to know!

Finished the day off with a fantastic cupcake, and this March 17th was one to remember!  Now go check on your corn beef and cabbage, and throw back some green beer, rootbeer that is!


allison nadauld said...

Can we all move in to your house? You seem to have the best ideas. What a fun tradition and I am in awe over those shirts. Happy Patty's Day!

S and C said...

Can I tell you what a loser I felt like this morning when I picked up the boys and they asked Mia what the leprechans had left her???? UM- NOTHING!!! You're such a great mom to do all the fun things and make the holidays extra special. We're having green pancakes and green eggs for dinner- maybe I can make it up to her that I'm not a very fun mom!

Autumn said...

I love the way you celebrate holidays. I had too much going on today to make a biggie out of this one, but power to you for making life special for your kiddos. That's such a neat gift.

Kristi said...

I keep finding all of these moms that pull out all the stops and make green food and green fun. Even though I wasn't in town to do anything fun with the kids, I am almost certain I wouldn't have. Good for you for making the holidays so special for your kids. Maybe one day I will get there. You inspire me to do better.