Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Howdy Partner.....a little late!

So I am finally blogging about the boys birthday, I never blogged about their Pirate Party last year, so a few months late this year doesn't seem so bad!

The boys wanted a Cowboy themed party, what fun!!  I found these fabulous foam hats at the dollar store, along with badges and cowboy 'army' men!  Too bad their birthday is in winter, because I would have loved to have had pony rides too!

Birthday parties are alot of work, but it all makes up for it the day it finally arrives, and I see how excited the kids are to have a day devoted just to them!  My mom always made our birthdays super special, I remember a rainbow themed party I had one year (probably because of Rainbow Brite, I also had a Care Bear party one year too!), we made these cute little styrofoam rainbows with different colored yarn.  I hope I am creating those same memories for my little guys and gal!
 Pinata Fun

 Hot Dogs, Chips & Rootbeer in a bottle!  Yee-haw!
Birthday Wishes

What will next year bring?  I better start planning now!


Autumn said...

Such a cute party! You always do an awesome job and I totally agree with you on trying to make birthdays a special day.

allison nadauld said...

You are one amazing party planner. Your kids are super lucky! Look slike a huge success.