Sunday, September 21, 2008

I Love 'K-LOVE'

About 8 years ago, I was turned on to this little gem of a radio station. I had never before been a fan of Christian Rock, but a good friend of mine (thanks Mary) has two girls who are now teenagers, and was concerned with mainstream music. Now before you go get your panties in a ruffle, I am not opposed to pop music or any music for that matter, I have been known to shake a tail feather or two in my time, but I do think that what they play on the radio now a days leaves little to the imagination, ie; 'I kissed a girl and I liked it' are you kidding me?? What the crap is that? I have enough to worry about than to constantly be screening what comes on the radio, so in our car we listen to 96.5, and before you know it, you are hooked. Alot of the bands have that Daughtry feel, and the lyrics won't send you into a three hour discussion on the birds and the bees!! Some of my favs are, Chris Rice , Third Day , MercyMe , and Natalie Grant . K-LOVE's theme is 'positive & encouraging', and that pretty much sums it up. About two years ago, when I was going through a hard time in my life, I would pack the kids in the car and drive around for hours, and I would find answers to my prayers in these songs. Music has such a powerful way of reaching your soul. So if you find yourself in my same situation, and are in need of some music therapy, turn your dial to 96.5 (in the Southern Oregon region), and you will be pleasantly surprised at what you have been missing out on all these years, and for those of you who are already a fan, yeah to you!! If you have a minute, listen to my playlist and tell me what you think!


Cindy and Robert said...

Thanks Kari, I spend an hour in my car every day commuting to work and I am going to change my station today! I totally agree with you view on radio today, so thanks for sharing. I think we can all use some inspiration everyday.

Rob and Amy Weaver Clan said...

It is so fun to hear about you and all of our friends. I am glad the boys are enjoying school, and you are too! What fun. Miss you.

Christine said...

Thats so funny b/c I have listened to K-love as you call it a lot but never really knew which one it was. I'm always surprised when i hear a few gospel terms thrown in there and just not expecting it b/c i think its a normal station and really like the can warm the soul. love ya! And I'm a bit sad i missed the ode to joy school music...sorry i didn't tune in on time!