Saturday, November 29, 2008

.26 Days.

Twenty-Six days. I can't hardly believe it. Thanksgiving was late this year, so now I am in hyper Christmas mode. We set up our tree and decorate the house as soon as we have Gobbled our last Thanskgiving bite! I want to enjoy it for as long as possible! I added my favorite Christmas songs to my blog, some are classic songs by some of my favs, others may be songs you have never heard. My favorite would have to be Silent Night by Enya, if you haven't heard it already, click on it and take a listen. This song always brings me to tears, I am not sure what language it is in, but her voice is like an angel, singing of the birth of Christ, on the most Silent of all Nights. Through all of the shopping and decorating, baking and eating, friends, family and fun, the reason for all of this joy and excitement is the birth of our Savior. I am forever thankful for that day, and for His atonement. And even though Santa is a big part of the holiday in our household, we know that CHRISTmas with Christ is even bigger. Enjoy the holiday and all the wonderful excitement it brings, and stop back by for a month full of happenings with the Jolly Holleys!!


Kristi said...

I think that Enya song is in Celtic. I love that version of that song too. It seriously pierces the heart.
I love those wonderful feelings of nostalgia that Christmas brings. I want to deck the halls like crazy so my kids can feel and remember those same feelings.
Hip hip hooray the Christmas season is finally here!

Scott | Callie| Mia| Ava said...

I'm so excited for Christmas too- I found your blog online and I now I'm stalking you. I need to get your email address so I can invite you to mine so that you can stalk me too!

Christine said...

ok love the happy holley-days and your cute little ryhmes and I knew you'd get your blog background all christmasy just as soon as you could! (And thankfully we didn't choose the same one...I'm gonna use that red/blue snowflake background)...but you did steal my all time-favorite winter song by Sarah M. ...I just LVOE that one! Oh well...I'm not ready to go all christmasy just yet...I'm still enjoying my thanksgiving tunes. Well I'm sure you have cute pics from the Ashland lighting night so we'll be sure to 'click' on back to see more blog-o-fun at the holley house!

Jennifer Crow said...

Great music! Sometimes I go to your blog just to have the music play while I work.