Friday, November 21, 2008

Twilight at Midnight

Unbelievably delicious!! That is how I would describe my experience watching Twilight last night! So good, too good, loved it so much. Once you get past the fact that the key audience for this movie is like half my age, and just enjoy the movie for what it is, it was just fabulous. I was left wanting more, I can't wait to see movies 2, 3, and 4, so people, go watch this movie, so they can start production on the other three already!

We started the night at Red Robin with a few friends. Some of us had ordered 'Stupid' Twilight shirts from a fellow blogger to show our enthusiasm for the movie. I had originally ordered the 'cold hands make me hot' shirt, but it was printed gray on gray, and you couldn't really see the writing. Hence I ended up wearing a Team Jacob shirt, that I now regret, and would like to burn in a little bonfire ritual with my friend Christine. What was I thinking??? After reading book two, I was a huge Jacob fan, Bella was so melodramatic, and Edward, well he was off having a pity party for himself too, so Jacob had to step it up. I won't give spoilers to those who haven't finished the series, but suffice it to say after last night, I will never give a second thought to Jacob again, OK, never say never, maybe him and what's her name (I don't want to give away the ending of Breaking Dawn) will have just as much chemistry as Bella and Edward, and he will gain some new found respect. Alrighty then, enough about Jacob and on to Edward. Seriously, I am still breathtaken by him. My husband asked me last night if I loved the movie because of Edward, and he had it all wrong. It is the chemistry between the two of them that leaves you wanting more. I told him it reminded me of when we first starting dating, when I had those school girl butterflies, and we would talk for hours on the phone, and then drive three hours round trip to see each other for maybe an hour or two. Or when he would write me poems or bring me flowers for no reason, or the fact that we have never really spent more than one night apart from one another. That feeling that you first get when you realize your with someone that you don't ever want to let go. That is what the movie stirs up in me, oh, and a little lust, ok, maybe a lot of lust, but this is a family friendly sight! It brings back all of those feelings that you wish would never go away, but we all know that life has a way of creeping in and kids come and housework, and then your married, and you no longer need to talk on the phone, or drive for hours to see one another, so Twilight, thanks for bringing back all of those memories, and for casting a bunch of super hot hotties in the movie. At least I can have butterflies for a few days again.

Watch out Bella, look at these Hot Hot Hotties! They really 'vamped' it up!!

What were we thinking? Bonfire tonight at my place!

They wouldn't let us take pictures in the theater, so this is as good as it gets!


Christine said...

oh soul mate in a womanly form...what a great night that when's the bonfire...i actually like the look of the shirt still even if we both agree that Jacob just wasn't cracked up to all we were hoping he'd be...but please please take that picture off of me already...mahjinka is a hot mamma and she can just be all alone in that one!

Kristi said...

It sounds like that theater last night was the place to be. I remember when you and I were trying to explain to Laura why we liked the books. You summed it up, sexual tension. I think that is why Pride and Prejudice is good too. It's all in those butterflies, those fun, wonderful butterflies.

Annie Valentine said...

You all went without me? Where'd you get those hot hot shirts?

I've kind of gone to the cold side after last night, I am kind of crazy for Edward.

Rob and Amy Weaver Clan said...

Fun fun! Some day when I can get off my couch I will go see the movie, too.

Annie Valentine said...

I love the way you all talk about burning my T-shirts. It makes me feel so special.

I have 227 of them out in my garage that I'm sorely tempted to torch.