Thursday, September 11, 2008

Adeline's First Birthday!

For those of you who know me, birthday parties are a big deal in my family. I have a friend who will remain anonymous, OK her name is Monique, who seriously throws outlandish B-Day parties. I will have to post more about that later. So here goes the big day for Adeline. Last February I found the cutest Valentine cupcake paraphernalia at Target (my favorite store in the universe), I waited patiently until the day after to purchase said items at 75% off anticipating my one and only daughters first birthday. So with that said, she had a pink and brown cupcake themed birthday. I made cute little chocolate cupcakes from my friend MJ's delightful homemade recipe which I will include at the end of this post, with pink buttercream frosting and brown little jimmies on top. We also had pink and brown whoppers, and strawberries with raspberry marshmallow fluff, and some pink ice-cream strawberry soda concoction. As you are probably imagining, it was a sugar feast, and yes, my kids all had the dirty squirties the day after. I invited her four little girlfriends and their siblings and we decorated picture frames with foam art (my favorite craft item in the world), and then made footprints and handprints to put in the frames. FYI-every good kid party should include a themed craft!! It keeps the party rolling, and makes for a great souvenir. Adeline was dressed in her birthday Tutu, thanks to Granny, and as much as I want her to be a girlie girl, I think she may end up being a tomboy. How sad for me. I will keep pushing the pink for as long as I can. The party was set, the house was decorated, the food look edible, the guests had arrived, the craft was going strong, all seemed well in my world. The husband was put in charge of the picture taking, and it looked like he was capturing all of those precious moments I knew I was going to scrap with my carefully coordinated cupcake paper that matched the party perfectly thanks to Target and the genius' behind their marketing who managed to sucker me into buying every last bit of their Valentine cupcake magic. Who knew that all of that would come crashing down when said husband informed me that he accidentally tried to format the memory card on the camera and erased the whole first half of the party. This may seem like an accident to you, but this same thing happened three years earlier when I received said camera for Christmas and he erased all pictures of Holiday 2005. Someday I will post the pictures I tried to recreate of that Christmas a week after the fact! Enough said, I needed a few minutes in the bathroom to cry just a bit, and recompose myself for all of my party guests. So despite the mishap, it was a fabulous event filled with friends, food (OK, junk), and memories that will hopefully last a lifetime, if not in my mind, at least on cupcake paper in 10 years when I finally get caught up on my scrapbook albums. Following is a photo montage of the day. And for those of you who may be wondering what Adeline's big gift was........her first Cabbage Patch Kid who looks exactly like my first CPK, thanks to the people at Babyland General who launched the 25th anniversary dolls just in time for her birthday. Who knew I had so much power and control!!
Tutu and Pink Mary Janes!!

Sugar induced meltdown.

Adeline and Co.
Pretty as a Princess
Coveted CPK


Kristi said...

How adorably cute. Those cupcakes were too cute too eat. You are a good mom to put on a big production for birthdays. I haven't quite found that groove yet, but you inspire me.

SevenVillageIdiarts said...

I know you think I'm the worst at BDAY parties, but if you have some hours, I'll show you Emma's first 10 parties. They were amazing. . .especially her Mary Kate and Ashley SPY party, or how about her Madeline party, complete with yellow straw hats and black felt Pepito hats for all the boys. . .you get the picture. I've just burned out, what can I say??!!

Adeline's party looked SOO cute and I think you should bless Ryan. Now you have less to scrapbook, let's face it!! ha, ha